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From Humble Beginnings

The days, months and years spent in the research and production of this book have enabled us to walk in the footsteps of our Maltese pioneers; to see, through their eyes, the conditions in which they lived, the ache of separation from loved ones; the overwhelming joy at their families reunion, and conversely, the anguish and suffering the woman experienced on their arrival. It has been an extremely fulfilling and learning experience in both our lives. It has created in us a special understanding and admiration for all pioneers and has enabled us to grow as people. I am beginning to realize a little of my destiny - why I was born, the reason for things that have happened in my life, and what my role on this earth is to be.

Our aim in publishing this book is to give due credit to our pioneers regardless of creed, wealth, public status (or lack thereof), character or personality and to those who have helped along the way. Our Australian history is impreganated with untold stories of quiet achievers. Sadly though, many history books often fail to give credit to such as these, and the 'little man' is forgotten. From Humble Beginnings, will ensure their achievements and contributions are forever acknowledged.